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Essential Oil Guide

We understand that the abundance of choice might be overwhelming, and that's okay! If you may not know what a certain oil is useful for, this guide is here to help. We hope we can help you find which oils are best for you. Feel free to experiment!


-This oil is sure to lift your spirits, with calming and uplifting abilities

-Primarily reduces depression

-Prevents infections

-Natural relaxant

-Enhances overall health

Cinnamon Leaf

-This oil serves to keep you healthy, reducing toxins in the body and improves skin health

-Treats headaches

-Treats infections

-Reduces cold symptoms

Clary Sage

-This oil is sure to help you relax as a natural assistant in reducing spasms

-Serves as natural muscle relaxant

-Relieves menstrual cramps

-Assists in depression and stress reduction

-Relieves insomnia


-This oil is well known for its ability to clear up your sinuses and help your breathing

-Treats respiratory problems

-Improves mental clarity

-Relieves muscle pain

-Provides fresh scent


-This oil is perfect for getting a good nights sleep and promoting a calm mind

-Relieves stress

-Boosts immunity

-Reduces inflammation

-Natural flu or cold medicine


-This oil promotes a sense of relief as well as a strong immune booster

-Good antiseptic

-Natural air purifier

-Useful energizer


-This oil prevents infections as well as serves to help your body work its best

-Fights depression

-Supports menstrual health

-Kills microbes

-Increase alertness


-This well known oil is perfect for helping you relax

-Reduces anxiety and mental stress

-Increases cognitive functions

-Relieves muscle and joint pain

-Improves sleep and calms the mind


-This oil works wonders on your skin as it diffuses into our products

-Natural deodorizer

-Improves skin tone

-Pleasing scent

-Useful energizer


-This oil is a popular deodorizer and mental health booster

-Relieves headaches

-Relieves stress

-Reduces stomach aches

-Clears sinuses


-This oil is great for soothing the mind and body

-Relieves depression

-Soothes Inflammation

-Prevents infections

-Speeds up bodily healing


-This oil has a lovely aroma perfect for a quick pick-me-up

-Decreases congestion

-Relieve motion sickness

-Increase alertness

-Headache Relief


-This refreshing oil is great for relieving stress

-Reduces anxiety

-Enhances memory

-Perfect for studying or concentrating

-Immune support

Sweet Orange

-This uplifting oil is sure to brighten your spirits and keep you energized

-Boosts immunity

-Treats spasms

-Soothes your senses

Tea Tree

-This pleasing oil is a perfect skin cleanser and gives off a refreshing aroma

-Softens Skin

-Natural deodorizer

-Relieves sores

-Natural cleanser

Ylang Ylang

-This oil is a great self-esteem booster and mental health supporter

-Relieves depression

-Lowers blood pressure

-Reduces heart rate

-Kills bacteria and fungi

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